So It Is A Little Early

Yesterday Lena and I assembled everything we are going to carry on the Camino. It was actually quite a major task as we tried to account for everything we are carrying; including water, toiletries, clothes, and all sorts of little items. The goal was to see how much it all weighed. Surprise – my bag was waaay too heavy. I am hoping to carry about 18 pounds, it was over 25. (Lena did far better.) So where can I lose 7 pounds? You look at the picture and see what you think.

Should I take only two pairs of underwear? One short-sleeve shirt? Get rid of any night clothes and replace with running shorts? Saw the handle off my toothbrush? This is a harder decision than I imagined. I’ve already bought a lighter towel that will save 3/4 of a pound. I’m not going to count the clothes I will be wearing (that will save another pound). But I am still a long way off.

I am glad we did this exercise. It makes me wonder about all the excess baggage I am carrying in life. Our Camino has begun.