Into the Pyrenees – Orisson

Ok, so I was thinking today would “only” be 5 miles. I’ve done that much more than that on my training walks with Roy. Lena has done much more on her daily walks. But this was serious uphill. We climbed about 700 meters. (2300 feet). It was hard. What made this walk so wonderfully doable was the scenery. Incredible pastoral vistas at every turn. Smiling pilgrims greeting us with a warm “buen Camino.” Relatively cool, sunny weather. And the promise of a shower and a bed at our next albergue. So we have begun the walking—hard but wonderful. I good day.

Bonus for us—in a albergue at Orisson (more of a spot in the road than a village) that has “men’s” rooms and “women’s” rooms, we got a private little room. Not much bigger than a Tuffshed you might buy at Lowes, with no electricity, but it is a dream come true for us. (I know, our bar must be pretty low!)

I would also say a word about the people we have met. I am regularly impressed by the variety and the depth of the people I am meeting on this trek. A Danish man about my age who gave up his banking career to be a caregiver to special needs adults. An Irish man who has worked for eBay for sixteen years and is now thinking of applying for a United Nations internship. A couple who just spent a few weeks at Plum Village in France, a Buddhist Center founded by Thich Nhat Hanh. I am sure the Camino is no more and no less significant than any of many spiritual experiences and practices, but it seems to draw people who are open to the Spirit, to change, to serve others. It is a bit of a wonder to me.

Author: Jim Zazzera

I find myself thinking about the past, wondering about the future, and doing my best to live in the present.

5 thoughts on “Into the Pyrenees – Orisson”

  1. John says, “only 495 miles to go!” What beautiful pictures of the trek! Thank you for keeping us informed, it feels like we’re doing the hike with you, only the easy way! Blessings to you both on the next stretch.


  2. I can only imagine the joy of encountering many people who are seeking and answering the call of the spirit! Somehow, I feel I am on this journey with you!


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