Don’t Take the Dangerous Path – Orisson to Roncevalles

Let me first tell you about the end of our walk. We had a small detour. At least 3 people told us that when we get to a particular turn, to go one way and not another. One path, according to those voices, was “dangerous.” Being the kind of people we are – we were really looking out for it – wanting to choose the safer path. In the end however, we got confused and took the dangerous path. (Insert your own metaphorical interpretation here.) Mostly, it was just a very steep downhill with lots of loose stone. Lena took it in stride, I got a bit cranky. As it was, we made it just fine. I was worried about twisted ankles and blisters. Fortunately – none made an appearance.

The albergue we are staying in is huge. (For those following carefully, this was the one Martin Sheen’s character stayed in on his first night on the Camino. It is called the Refugio de Peregrinos. There are hundreds of people here, but the sleeping space has been remodeled with cubby like rooms. Very clean and comfortable. Incredibly well run.

Our walk was about 17 km (10 miles or so). It was a beautiful climb into the Pyrenees – with incredible vistas – and lots of horses and sheep. The weather was relatively cool and sunny with no wind to speak of. Until we got to the “dangerous zone” (which in the end was quite nice) I felt like I could do this for hours and hours.

At about one third of the way in, lo and behold, there was a food truck that helped us supplement our simple breakfast with a bit of protein. Who knows what the Camino will provide?

So tomorrow again we up our mileage. It is 22 km to a town called Zubiri. As each walk gets longer, I find myself still pondering how I can reduce my pack weight. What to get rid of? Shirt? Socks? Duct tape? I will keep you posted. It already seems like we have been out here a while, but we have really only travelled 25 km. Interesting how life is experienced when you travel at 3 miles per hour.

Author: Jim Zazzera

I find myself thinking about the past, wondering about the future, and doing my best to live in the present.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Take the Dangerous Path – Orisson to Roncevalles”

  1. Awesome pictures! The dangerous path sounds like the prettiest one. Thankfully you both made it down safely. God provides us when we least expect it. Prayers for your next 22 km. 💞🙏


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