Mileage, iPhone, and la jubilación – Santo Domingo to Belorado

I haven’t listed each day’s mileage on this trip, not that it is not important, but just because other things are more important. However, be assured we talk a lot about “miles” every day. To satisfy curiosity, here is a list of each day’s mileage so far based on my iPhone’s Health App. (Please know that this is not the most accurate measure, but certainly enough to give you a pretty close idea.)

  • Day 1 – September 22 – 5 miles
  • Day 2 – September 23 – 12.2 miles
  • Day 3 – September 24 – 17.4 miles
  • Day 4 – September 25 – 19 miles
  • Day 5 – September 26 – 16.4 miles
  • Day 6 – September 27 – 14.2 miles
  • Day 7 – September 28 – 18.9 miles
  • Day 8 – September 29 – 21.1 miles
  • Day 9 – September 30 – 20.4 miles
  • Day 10 – October 1 – 15.9 miles
  • Day 11 – October 2 – 16.8 miles

Each day has it’s own challenges, so not each mile can really be valued the same. Some miles are uphill, some in the rain, some in the dark, some in the heat. Today we are ALMOST a third of the way through the Camino. It is actually shocking for me to think that. It feels like we have just begun. But I am sure our feet would tell you otherwise.

Like the peregrinos of ancient times, we do use iPhones. Trust me, having a smart phone is a blessing and a curse. When we weren’t sure where the route was this morning in the dark, we were glad to have our phones help with directions. When we needed to make reservations at albergues in the next few towns, we relied on our digital devices to help us. When our new grandson is born later next week, we will be sure to have a FaceTime call with Aaron and Rachel (and the new baby)! Every photo we have taken is taken with our phones. But one of my promises to myself in retirement is to wean myself away from some of the conveniences of my iPhone. For now I am taking a few simple steps. I am not reading or responding to email until after each day’s walk is completed. I am committed to not randomly surfing the net. I am avoiding as much news as I can. It would be a shame to do this walk and only experience it through a digital device. (Of course, I am very aware that this blog would not be possible without my little technological companion.)

It is not lost on me that many people made the point to me that the word “retirement” does not appear in the Bible. That much of God’s work is done through people we consider aged. I fully expect God to use me in new and powerful ways, it just won’t happen in a traditional employment context. It may only be able to happen because of the freedom I now have. In light of all this, I just have to share something a French pilgrim shared with us today. After I told him that Lena and I were able to make this Camino because we are recently retired, he asked us this question: “Do you know what the Spanish word for retirement is?” Of course, we said, “no.” He then told us that the word was “jubilación.” I didn’t really believe him, and thought he was just playing with a gullible American. But, sure enough, he was telling the truth. Retirement is jubilación! Jubilation! I intend to take this quite seriously! (I suspect Lena will recount this story as well – but it was too good to pass up.)

Author: Jim Zazzera

I find myself thinking about the past, wondering about the future, and doing my best to live in the present.

5 thoughts on “Mileage, iPhone, and la jubilación – Santo Domingo to Belorado”

  1. I love the ‘graffiti’ on the sign ‘Forget the Destination’. I would add, ‘mileage’ to that. Celebrate the journey and jubilation, not the end point or even the incremental distances. Love to you both.


  2. You both look like you just began this journey and not a third of the way into it! Course if your feet could talk, they would probably say something else! What a beautiful experience to share with jubilation!💞


  3. What a great way to celebrate your jubilacion. It’s hard to imagine how far you’ve walked in such a short time. Your photos and stories are so appreciated, and it’s good to see your jubilant smiles. God bless technology 😉


    1. Jim, I am so enjoying your posts and photos. What a great travel narrative you are sharing with us! Very glad to read that you are both healthy and moving well as you go. The photos of churros y chocolate bring back fond and fattening memories. Yummm…. I wonder how jubilacion and jubileo – the year of jubilee – are connected? Jubilee occurs after 7 times 7 sabbaticals. So in the 50th year, the people celebrate liberty (freedom from bondage of all kinds); reconnection to the land that was their birthright – going back to their source, their roots, in a way; and the simple life (no sowing of the land but living off its increase; or maybe paring down on a digital diet…). So, rest on many different levels, for people and animals and land. A chance to reset. Sounds like a whole lot of overlap between jubileo and jubilacion. Although for you two, perhaps not much physical rest given those 20 daily miles you’re trekking! Godspeed, Friends!


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