Halfway and Being an American – Ledigos to Sahagún

Today was a short day – about 10 miles. The next few days will also be short. While it seems a bit odd, we are choosing to do short days because the only other option is really long days (25 miles), so we are “relaxing” a bit. The towns in the meseta are just not that frequent. We will walk about 10 miles tomorrow and a bit more the next day. Then, after León, daily mileage will increase greatly. It’s funny, when only doing 10 miles it is a bit tricky to know what to do with the rest of the day. So today we did a bit of sightseeing, visited the post office, and practiced a citizenship responsibility (more on that later). The big news is that today was also the OFFICIAL halfway point of the Camino – and we have the certificates to prove it! The town of Sahagún has for a while now been known as the halfway point and for three euro you can get your certificate. In one way it is actually hard to believe we have made it this far – in another way it is hard to imagine a time when we haven’t been walking. For us, this is day 19 of actually walking. (Not to jinx it, but we just made reservations in Santiago de Compostela for the end of our trip—free cancellation of course.)

Before we left home, one of the things we fretted about was figuring out how to vote in our nation’s mid-term elections. It turns out that Sacramento County has a way to do that for “Military and Overseas Voters.” We kept waiting for our email ballot, which we only discovered yesterday when we searched our junk email. (Ugh.) Then today we persuaded our albergue hospitalera to allow us to use their printer and computer to print out our ballot. (She didn’t really need any convincing.) Then, because we can’t seem to find a way to fax the ballot, we will mail it off tomorrow. (It is not allowed to email a ballot in.) All this, hoping we sign all the correct documents and address it to the right place. Actually, a small price to pay for American citizenship, right?

Though the walk was short, we saw incredible beauty today. Because got started a bit later, we were gifted with a dramatic play of light on the fields with an amazing background of dark clouds. An incredible sight!

Author: Jim Zazzera

I find myself thinking about the past, wondering about the future, and doing my best to live in the present.

4 thoughts on “Halfway and Being an American – Ledigos to Sahagún”

  1. Congratulations on reaching the halfway point!! 🤗

    I’m happy you decided to take short routes for a couple of days. Recharge your batteries and see some sites you’d otherwise miss. Prayers for continued health and strength.


  2. Awesome! You’re half way there! Sometimes you need to take a break and view the amazing things around you that might be missed trying to make it to the next town. Your pictures are beautiful! Thank you! 💞


  3. Your photos of the landscape are beautiful. What a spectacular bit of Planet Earth you are walking on! I am so appreciating you taking the time to share the views and the marvelous anecdotes with us. Many thanks, Jim!


  4. What an amazing photo of the golden sunlit field under the deep blue clouded sky, just beautiful!
    Also looks like miles and miles of nothing else, so enjoy the beauty of your walk. Congratulations on the first half. Blessings and travel mercies ahead 💞💖


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