Travel as a Spiritual Act

A year and a half ago you might have been reading my blog about the Camino de Santiago. I hope you enjoyed it. I had so much fun writing it that I have been planning for months to put together this new blog. So it is now live for all to read. It is called “Travel as a Spiritual Act.” I don’t know a lot about life, but I know a few things. I like conversation and dialogue. I know a little about travel. I know something about the life of the spirit. So I thought it could be interesting to talk about both aspects of life and how they intersect.

You might take a look and see what you think. I have already posted six entries (even one from today, March 15th). Leave a comment if you are so inspired. Sign up to receive notifications of new posts. Pass the link on to others who might be interested. It will be fun to see what happens. Maybe we can explore together!

Jim Zazzera

By the way, the address for the site “Travel as a Spiritual Act,” is